EN 15312 standard covers safety multi-sports arenas

EN 15312 standard includes requirements for structures and equipment of multi-sports arenas.

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EN 15312 standard covers safety multi-sports arenas

The standard addresses the listed things.

EN 15312 Ball-game arenas

EN 15312 standard

Definitions are given for the following technical terms: Free access multi-sports equipment, goal, basketball equipment, multi-sports surround, ball stop-screen.

Safety requirements are given for the following: Materials, structural integrity, finish of equipment, entrapments, moving parts, protection against injuries, connections, ropes, chains, foundations, basketball equipment, ring, nets, rigidity, stability, goals, nets, net fixings, multi-sports surround, ball stop-screen, access, table tennis tables, testing of structural strength, marking, information provided by the supplier and/or the manufacturer.

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EN 15312 standard covers safety multi-sports arenas